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ClientWeb does not track users' browsers using cookies. However, all access to this website is logged.


ClientWeb can generate reports on cases. If reports have been set up, you can choose which report to run from a popup on the Search page. Cases are included in the report if they are shown on the Search page. Reports may have their own additional internal rules to further limit which cases are included. You are allowed to have only one report running at any one time.

The report is generated in the background. You can look at the "Reports" page to see how it is progressing. You are taken to the "Reports" page automatically when you click the "Run Report" button. The report's progress is updated every 25 cases. If you want to, you can cancel a report that is running. It will stop when its progress is next updated. If you want to keep the results from a report, you must download and save them before logging out of ClientWeb.

While a report is running, you can continue using ClientWeb to search for cases and to show them. ClientWeb may respond more slowly if reports are being run, in particular, if you run a report for a very large number of cases, there may be a delay before the "Reports" page is displayed.


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